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New Kid (AKA me)

2014-04-14 09:30:54 by LunaAngel-Eclipse

Big thanks to Jazza (don't know his username here sadly) who made me wanna join thanks to a youtube video.

ANYWHO, I am I proud member of DeviantART and I love drawing and have recently been gettin into RPGs and game graphics and stuff. and my life are boring as fudge. Oh well. I allways have those rabid fangirls to spare me some energy. (seriosly those girls need to tone down on the sugar and hot guys XD)


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2015-08-09 12:29:39

Being proud to be a member of deviantart is terrible.

LunaAngel-Eclipse responds:

Why's that? I mean, I haven't really been on dA in a two months so I might have missed something..?